Julia Fehmel (Englisch, Klasse 7c)


Basketball Match 

A Basketball Team of Realschue Plus Karthause was the 3rd best Basketballteam of Germany .

The Basketballteam of class 8/9 played at the cup final ,,Jugend trainiert für Olympia".

For this the class had to visit Berlin. There they stayed one week.


At the cup the class played at the first step against Hessen and in the second step against Sachsen.

They won both games and then played against Bayern.

In this game the score was 48:21 for Karthause. Finally they lost against Berlin and so they become the 3rd place and got the bronze medal.

The cup was very exciting. We hope that our team will play as good as possible and win the next matches.


Elias Engels (Klasse 7c, Englisch)


In May the Basketballteam from class 8/9 on RS+K won the bronze medal at "Jugend trainiert für Olympia".


They played vs. Hessen, Sachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Bayern.

The score of the match vs. Bayern was 33:41. So they played for the 3rd place and won vs. NRW 48:21. This was the 3rd place and the bronze medal win.



Between the matches, they visited the Brandenburger Tor and the Potsdamer Platz.