Unsere Schule

Ein Schüler aus der Klasse 8c hat einen kurzen Text über unsere Schule auf Englisch geschrieben.




         Our  School


 Our school is modern, we have a laptoproom, a lot of computerrooms, a little fitnessstudio, a musicroom with instruments and a library. In our school are nearly 600 students.


Our school has 2 parts, building A and building B and we have 2 schoolyards. In the first yard there are 2 soccerpitches and 6 basketballbaskets, you can go there from the 5th to the 7th class.


 On the second yard are 3 benches and 2 basketballbaskets for the older students from the 8th  to the 10th  class. It is a bit boring, but we have a little shop there, our favourite thing ist the chickenbread.


Our school has a runningtrack too and a lot of things for athletics. In our school we have a sport - and a swimminghall.


we have got 43 teachers and two secretaries work in the school office.




 by Erion Bytyqi , 8c